Appetitosa will make every event unforgettable with made-to-measure catering, presented in a simple and elegant way. Our ape-car can be transformed into an original aperitif and post-ceremony toast corner, positioned at the entrance of your marrage venue. Your guests will be greeted in the ‘welcome’ area, with a surprising “tableau de mariage”.

It can be an open bar, a cake-corner or a display of special wedding party favours. The personalization of the event will be absolute; from the choice of tasting to any additional services such as entertainment for children and the photo shoot.


Parties & Events

Parties, birthdays, corporate events, graduations, baptisms and communions: every private event is a special moment! Appetitosa will make it even more so with a touch of fantasy, giving extreme care and attention to all the details. You can choose the tasting menu, our Crêpes, or simply rent the ape car. What about photographs? What about children’s entertainment? No problem! Appetitosa offers a whole range of additional services to make every detail of your event nice and special.


Chef at home

We can choose together the menu that you want and… Appetitosa will think everything else. We’ll arrive at your home two hours before the start of the event, we set the table, we cook and after we also take care of the clearing up.
Would you like to learn new recipes and new dishes to amaze your guests? Let’s cook together.

Enjoy the Appetitosa’s Cooking Class and find out our cooking secrets!



You will find the old classic Ape car Piaggio in Florence, offering our special sweet or savory gourmet Crêpes and yougurt made at the time, flavored with chocolate or red fruits.

Appetitosa Street Food

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